Samruddh Lucknow

Samruddh Lucknow Movement is about rejuvenating existing heritage buildings, developing International Culture and heritage centre at Chattar Manzil and restoration of Lal Baradari. Development of 1.72 Km Awadh Walk on Thandi Sadak will ensure footfall of around 50000 visitors per year. Creating Awadh Point at Begum Hazrat Mahal Park which would be a centralised recreational space and branding city through cuisine and handicraft festivals and online radio campaign are crucial steps that are yet to be taken for making Lucknow a culturally rich & prosperous city.
Strategic Focus
Strategic Blueprint
Harnessing the strength of heritage and culture for economic development
Leverage & Inclusive

  • SG1: To rejuvenate the existing heritage buildings by ingenuitive initiatives. 
  • SG2: Amalgamation of old and new Lucknow to enhance tourism. 
  • SG3: To ensure increase in tourist stay duration in the city.
  • SG4: To encourage Chikankari handicraft, Cusine and cultural activities like kathak dance & classical music. 
  • SG5: Support system to facilitate various economy generating sectors. 
  • SG6: Skill development and enabling infrastructure for handicraft industry.
  • SG7: Harnessing on existing resources to create employment opportunities.
  • SG8: Capitalizing on heritage assets of the city 
  • SG9: To ensure responsible and efficient monetization of assets.
  • SG10: To ensure well organized management of revenue streams
  • SG11: Adopt technology to enable better delivery of services to the citizens.
  • SG12: To create a more responsive administration, improved governance.
  • SG13: Integrating ICT across the city using GIS.
  • SG14: Induce sense of ownership among citizens.

List of Projects Under Samruddh

  • Awadh Walk on Thandi Sadak
  • Awadh Point - Central Recreation Space [Begum Hazrat Mahal Park, Lakshman Park & Sarojni Naidu Park]
  • International Culture & Heritage Centre at Chhattar Manzil
  • Tourist Information Centre at Sibtainabad Imambara
  • Façade Lighting & Restoration of Lal Baradari
  • Archaeology Research & Heritage Centre at Roshan-ud-Daula Kothi*
  • Public Library at Darshan Vilas Kothi*
  • Heritage Conservation Institute at 
  • Kothi Gulishtan-e-Eram*
  • Cultural Club at Rafh-e-Aam Club*
  • Restoration of Moris Market near Qaiserbagh Crossing
  • Beautification of Parks/Greens & Establishing Open Gyms & Wifi Hotspots
  • Gomti Riverfront Development
  • City Branding Initiatives

Lucknow Smart City