Jeevant Lucknow

The project implies focus on development of underground ducts for water and drainage Pipes and Cabling for Electricity & Telecom to reduce Road Cutting exercise. Beautification of Parks to convert them into Recreational Spaces, Creating Open Gyms and Wi-Fi spots in the city is also an important parameter of the project along with installation of LED street lights and providing piped natural gas to almost 50% households. Development of Gomti Riverfront is important to increase tourist out fall and organise Cultural and International Events on the bank of river Gomti. Other environment friendly solutions that are covered under Liveable Lucknow Movement are to incentivize people for use of solar panels and rain water harvesting projects in their houses.

Strategic Focus

Strategic Blueprint
Improved Basic Infrastructure Services

Quality of Life

SG1: Ensuring basic services
SG2: Innovative ICT interventions, utility duct, smart metering, augmentation and strengthening of networks etc.
SG3: Energy efficient solutions like solar energy and LED based street lighting. 

Utility Improvement, Smart GRID, PNG Network, Slum Improvement, Smart City Knowledge Centre


  • Strengthening & Augmentation of Drainage network
  • Strengthening & Augmentation of Water Supply Distribution Network
  • Underground Distribution Cabling & Relocation of Electricity Transformers
  • Energy Efficient Street Lighting [LED based with network redesign]
  • Utility Duct [Electricity, Water, Telecom, OFC, PNG]
  • PNG Network
  • Solar Rooftop PV
  • Rain Water Harvesting
  • Waste Water Treatment & Reuse
  • Infrastructure works & Facilities etc. of Slums
  • Night Shelters
  • Smart City Knowledge Management Centre- chakbast road

Rooftop Solar Panel
The public buildings in the area of qaiserbagh can be transformed into smart complex with zero emission and reuse of the waste materials. The sustainable complex can be implemented into two zones and can be replicated into various public building, institutions, household complexes, and household communities within entire city.


With the Chhatar Manzil in the backdrop, the area sits in the heart of the heritage zone. A series of open spaces and plazas intervene into each other forming various interactive spaces and public activities. A large amphitheatre with wide grassed steps provides unobstructed views of the stage area and the Chattar Manzil right across the river. There is also a large sloped lawn in front of the stage for informal or arranged seating. It also serves as a multi-purpose ground if large events or concerts need to be organise - the performance space becomes a play ground or a festival ground as per the need. Trees conceal and reveal views of the river and important nodes. A large Food & Beverage zone is also proposed near the amphitheatre, which caters to events and also works independently as an outdoor public space. A smaller amphitheatre facing a water show on the river, and wide seating areas with views to the river are also designed next to the F&B.