Swachh Lucknow

The biggest goal of Swachh Lucknow Movement is to run city’s solid waste treatment plant in full capacity, collection of garbage from households and its treatment along with strong step taken to eradicate open defecation and urination by providing enough public and community toilets in the city, constructing an intercepting drain along all nullahs to carry sewage to the STP and treat it before it flows into Gomti. Use of Global Positioning System to track movement of garbage trucks to ascertain whether they are following their duty regularly or not, also deploying Sensor Based Smart Bins to the city which would indicate filling level of containers all the time and send optimized routes directly to drivers are yet to be implemented. 

Strategic Focus

Strategic Blueprint
Safe, Green and Vibrant City Level Recreational Space


SG1: Effective Solid waste management solution 
SG2: To ensure proper disposal and treatment of sewage generate. 
SG3: Reduce pollution and improve the environmental quality of the city. 
SG4: To encourage lively, safe, accessible and interactive open spaces.
SG5: To rejuvenate Gomti River.


  • Sewer Line along Nallahs (Intercept)
  • Strengthening & Augmentation of network


  • Door to Door Collection [GPS for vehicle tracking & ICT for User Charge Collection]
  • Smart Road Bins [Sensor based]
  • Smart Community Bins [Sensor based]
  • Road Cleaning Equipments


  • Individual household, public and community toilets (up gradation of old and inclusion of new).

Lucknow Smart City